A Letter from our Gym Lead Machine Staff

GLM 2020 v 2021 Infographic (1)

It’s amazing how fast we have grown over the last year and a half, and we would like to thank our clients for coming along on this journey with us. Because of you, we have been able to refine our products and offerings beyond what we had originally dreamt up.

At the beginning of 2020, 5 of us sat in a room and began to draw up the process that would enable us to deliver our website and marketing automation services to 4 new clients per month. Fast forward 2.5 months later and the rumblings of the Covid-19 virus became so loud that it shut entire countries down. While we do not need to remind you of the impacts, our staff (or lack thereof at the time) began moving fast to strip down our processes to only what was necessary in order to meet the needs of our friends and fellow gym owners during the height of the pandemic. We hired quickly, our staff spent hours working together over zoom, and we worked side by side with gym owners to deliver what they needed most during that time. Instead of holding to our goal of 4 new clients per month, we were accepting 5 new clients PER DAY.

Here is where we are at today:

  • We serve over 600 gym owners around the world
  • A customer support team of 8 women strong
  • A website development team of 6 super talented people
  • An automation team of 3 powerful wizards
  • An inbox that receives almost 300 messages a day
  • We maintain response times of under 2.5 hours
  • Our overall resolution time is under 24 hours
  • We operate 7 days a week
  • We have a full onboarding course and a resource library for clients

We have staff all over the world from India and Serbia to Mexico, the USA and Canada who can launch our products in days versus the industry standard of up to a month, and we are currently working on projects that none of us thought were possible at this time last year (stay tuned for this exciting news in the coming months).

As we continue into 2021 our mission continues to be, “Make life easier for gym owners”. Our vision is to become the largest customer-focused provider of software in the CrossFit space by having the highest converting websites, the most accessible customer service, and data-focused software.

If you are a member of the GLM family, you are already part of this movement and our mission. If you are not yet part of Gym Lead Machine and wondering what all the hype is about, you can book a call with us here.

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