Customer support


We're a website, marketing automation, and gym management software company that works with gyms.

We are actively looking for a highly qualified Custom Support representative to join our team on a full-time basis.

An ideal candidate is:

Incredibly organized & has a great memory.

Great with people.

Excellent at detailed, written communication.

Familiar with Go HighLevel, HelpScout, & Basecamp.

Highly self-motivated & driven.

The kind of person who never says, “That’s not my job.”

Experienced in customer support & conflict management.

Has full-time availability – mostly weekdays, with some weekends.

Kilo Customer Support representatives directly support Kilo clients through email conversations and the proper dissemination of support tickets to specialists.

Key role responsibilities are:

Customer communication: Respond to customer inquiries and issues via email promptly and professionally. Provide clear and concise information to customers regarding their queries or problems.

Product knowledge: Maintain a comprehensive, generalized understanding of all Kilo products. Stay updated on new features, updates, and changes to the software.

Issue resolution: Troubleshoot and resolve basic customer issues and inquiries. Collaborate with support specialists or other teams for complex issues.

Ticket management: Manage and organize support tickets efficiently. Assign support tickets to appropriate specialists based on the nature and complexity of the issue.

Manage escalation: Identify and escalate issues that require specialized knowledge or attention. Collaborate with support specialist staff or development teams for high-priority or complex problems.

Customer satisfaction: Ensure customer satisfaction by addressing concerns and resolving issues effectively. Seek feedback from customers and convey it to the relevant teams for continuous improvement.

Our company is completely remote, though we do have clusters of people in south Florida and southwestern Ontario. If you're close to any of those areas, that's a plus.

Key role responsibilities are:

Job Type: Full-time contractor, 30-40 hours per week.

Compensation: Compensation is hourly, $19-20.50 per hour.

Benefits: Work from home.

Schedule: Company hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Eastern, Monday to Friday. Weekend rotation is approximately every 6 weeks, paid.

Experience: Customer Support, 2 years (required).

Work remotely: Yes.

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