How to Beat 90 Percent of Local Gym Competitors With Content

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You can use content to set yourself apart from your competitors and make your gym the clear choice in the local market. With a steady flow of content, you can acquire more leads, book more free consultations, close more sales and even retain more members. The issue: Almost no gym owner produces content consistently. Who’s […]

Are You Breaking These 5 Landing Page Rules When You Run Facebook Ads for Your Gym?

Are You Breaking These 5 Landing Page Rules e1693833302829

You’ve decided to run Facebook ads for your gym—and they’re working, but your landing page isn’t getting any clicks. What gives? Well, you might be breaking one—or several—of our Top 5 landing page rules for Facebook ads in the fitness business. Read on to find out how to adjust your Facebook ad landing pages so the […]

11 Content Marketing Tips to Turn Your Gym’s Blog Into a Lead Machine

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Content marketing for gyms: It’s the key to warmer leads, more sales, greater brand awareness and increased web traffic. The days of radio spots, flyers, TV commercials and full-page newspaper ads are long gone. In the digital era, with consumers locked to smartphones bursting with information and entertainment, attention spans are short and “banner blindness” […]

The Ultimate Text Message Marketing Guide for Gym Owners

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Is text message marketing for gyms effective—and should you hit your clients with SMS messages instead of email? The answers: yes—and sometimes. Text message marketing is incredibly effective. reports that SMS open rates are 99 percent, while marketing emails are opened about 30 percent of the time. And 97 percent of text messages are […]

How to Write Amazing Facebook Ads for Your Gym

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It’s OK if you’re an entrepreneur but don’t know how to write amazing Facebook ads for your gym. You can learn! In this post, we’ll teach you exactly how to create ad copy that grabs attention and convinces your ideal clients to click, enter your funnel and eventually make a purchase. Read on to find […]

How to Sell Gym Memberships Online

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Gym owners often ask how to sell gym memberships online — or if it can even be done. The short answer: It’s 100 percent possible to sell gym memberships online, and many fitness entrepreneurs are doing it with great success. Some are even selling very expensive packages that drive up their average revenue per member. […]

Our Newest, Most Flexible Website Template is Finally Here

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It’s been almost two years since the inception of Gym Lead Machine and our very first website template. After managing over 700 websites for gym owners, the number one piece of constructive feedback we get is that users would like to make minor updates on their own. Gym Lead Machine is a full-service website and […]

5 Reasons You Should Not Rely on Your Automation to do Everything

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There are many reasons you should let automation take over much of your communication for your new leads and long-term client check-ins. Automation saves you time, allows you to focus on higher-level tasks, and keeps your clients on a regular schedule. Because let’s be serious, who remembers to check in with every single client every […]

Gym Lead Machine’s Partnership with Driven Nutrition just got a whole lot better!

Gym Lead Machine x Driven Nutrition is here

Since the inception of Gym Lead Machine, our mission has been to make life easier for gym owners. When we met with Jason Rule at Driven Nutrition last year, we knew that partnering with them was a no-brainer. Jason’s mission is to help affiliates generate retail revenue in their gyms through high-quality supplement sales. Driven […]

Website Maintenance and Upgrades

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Web design isn’t a build-it-and-leave it affair—though many companies treat it that way. It’s much like fitness: If you stop working out, you’ll get weaker. If your website isn’t built well initially and updated regularly, a lot can go wrong, causing you to lose web traffic and potential clients. New sites must be designed and […]

Your 2021 Internet Marketing Plan

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Your 2021 Internet Marketing Plan Do you have an internet marketing plan for your gym business in 2021? If not, you’re falling behind by the day. But don’t worry: We can get you up to speed—fast.  All you need to do is read this article, download the accompanying workbook and fill it out. We’ll walk […]

The Guide to Local SEO for Gym Owners

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GLM and SEO for Fitness Businesses AMRAP, WOD, SEO?  SEO isn’t a workout term—but it’s definitely hard work, and it’s important to the success of your gym. SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” and it refers to everything a company can do to get large amounts of the right people to its website without paying […]

The 10 Best Marketing Ideas for Your CrossFit Gym

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Marketing ideas for CrossFit?  They were barely a thing 12 years ago. CrossFit affiliates generally just ran classes and waited for people to show up. That passive approach cost a lot of gym owners a lot of clients—and money. Things have changed, and if you don’t have great marketing ideas for your gym, you’re not […]

How Gym Owners Can Improve Their Marketing With StoryBrand

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StoryBrand and gym marketing—do they link up? Yes, and if you don’t understand why, your website is probably stuck in 2012.  And your accounting is probably stuck in the red. Here’s how CrossFit affiliate owners, fitness entrepreneurs and microgym owners can improve their marketing systems with help from StoryBrand and its creator, Donald Miller. Gym […]

Gym Lead Machine Vs. Two-Brain Business

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We’re big fans of Two-Brain Business—and Chris Cooper. We work with hosts of Two-Brain Business clients, and Cooper himself uses a Gym Lead Machine site for marketing. And the Two-Brain mentorship team? Sixty percent of them use our software platform, too. So why is our relationship so tight? And how do the two businesses differ […]

How to Build a Marketing Plan for Your CrossFit Gym

Our guide building a marketing plan for a crossfit gym

If your microgym or CrossFit affiliate isn’t growing, or if you want it to grow faster, you need a gym marketing plan. “If you build it, they will come”—it sounds great in a movie but doesn’t work in reality. Same deal with focusing on coaching and hoping clients show up because your excellence is obvious. […]

How to Get Gym Leads

How to get gym leads using marketing automation

What is marketing automation—and how can you use it to save time and make money? Without taking up any of your time, marketing automation can turn cold leads into sales appointments, new and existing customers into lifelong fans, and ex-customers into repeat buyers. It does this by: Nurturing leads with text messages and emails Handling […]

Teardown of 8 Gym Landing Pages


If you’re trying to grow your fitness business, you need to know all about gym landing pages. These are the carefully designed web pages prospective clients land on when they click an ad. They’re designed to accomplish a marketing task, and every element has a job to do. Words matter. So do pictures. And layout […]

Our Guide to the Best Gym Website Design

Our guide to the best gym website design elements

What do the best gym and fitness websites look like? And how are the most profitable gyms, fitness centers, franchises, CrossFit affiliates and boutiques creating attractive sites that engage and win over new clients? We’ll tell you below in this definitive guide to web design in the fitness industry. We’ll lay out all the things […]

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