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Do you root for the underdog? Join our team and build software that helps small gym owners outcompete their big box competitors. 

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Our Values

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Focus on the customer

While we are aware of our competition, we are focused on our customers. Happy customers = low churn and low churn leads to a resilient business.

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Do good work

Ship work you’re proud of. Insist on high standards for yourself and your team members.

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Manage yourself

We treat team members like adults. In return, we expect team members to act like adults. Be curious and solve problems for the customer.

our team

We’re a small team capable of accomplishing big things.

Our 30 team members are given autonomy, flexibility, and responsibility. Everyone is evaluated by their performance, not their tenure.

Our Culture

We’re a remote company. Our team is global and most employees have flexible working hours. We’re a growing company, so roles and responsibilities evolve with the company.

There is always upside for people who take ownership, improve our products, and work autonomously. We’re bootstrapped and we’re profitable. Since we can pay the bills every month, we can take the time to do things correctly.

staff spotlights

Analytical and brilliant, Vladimir was a MENSA member with years of QA experience. How could we not hire someone with such a stellar resume?!

If it’s possible, Vladimir was TOO good at his job. He didn’t just follow the checklists, he rewrote them and made them better. He quickly went from website QA to someone we consulted about every facet of the company. Every team at GLM works with Vladimir in some capacity now!

He is not just website and CRM QA, he’s our migration specialist, SOP writer, website launcher, troubleshooter, acquisition liaison, sounding board, and an all-around great human being.

He is also the world’s most interesting man. But you’ll have to let him tell you why.

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