8 ways to become a millionaire gym owner


Gym World comes from Kilo co-founder John Franklin, who shares lessons about making money in the fitness industry.

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What’s up Gym World?

There’s a proven and predictable path to growing a gym to $100k profit.

That threshold is often where gym owners make VERY expensive mistakes.


Because more money comes with more optionality. You can take your newfound gains &:

  • Open another gym location,
  • Invest in real estate,
  • Acquire competitors, or
  • Venture into other businesses.

While all these options offer more financial upside, few consider the downside of spreading their focus and putting their hard-earned capital at risk.

At Two-Brain, we mint two gym millionaires every month. We’ve mentored hundreds of gym owners through this phase of their entrepreneurial journey. This week, Chris Cooper released a new book that profiles 12 Two-Brain gym owners that went from $100k profit to $1M in net worth in a short period of time.

(Get the Kindle version FREE until Feb. 16!)

We had him on Gym World this week to talk about the book:

Here’s a sneak peek:

The millionaire roadmap

Not to sound like Captain Obvious, but becoming a millionaire gym owner starts with two steps:

Step 1: Develop an investor mindset. The gym owners that build wealth the fastest put their money to work and think critically about risk and return.

Step 2: Build a plan that suits your style. This includes putting money back into your gym, investing externally, or investing in yourself.

Chris recommends most gym owners start with a barbell investment strategy. This method involves balancing riskier investments like your gym on one side and conservative assets like bonds, insurance funds, and index funds on the other.

barbell investment strategy method
Like a barbell, this approach weighs heavily on both ends.

This strategy is effective because it forces you to focus. And when you’re involved in a high-risk business like running a gym, it’s important to keep your attention on that investment. Otherwise, spreading your focus too thin across different areas will hurt your bank account.

Attention is the most valuable asset you have – don’t split it too many ways, or you’ll lose it.

Here’s what it looks like in practice:

💪 Tommy Alfinito | Hygge Fitness

Tommy’s gym is run by a General Manager, meaning he only spends a few hours a month at his gym. He used the gym’s profits to pursue his passion and start a whiskey distillery.

💡 Stu Brauer bought more space than he needed for his concept and built out space to attract a brewery as a tenant.

💪 Taryn Dubreuil | CrossFit Function

Taryn’s gym is also run by a General Manager, and she says she spends a total of 30 minutes a week there. She rapidly grew her business during COVID, bought an Airbnb in Arizona, and is building a business mentoring other entrepreneurs.

💡 It’s common for gym owners to venture into other businesses.

💪 David Allen | NBS Fitness

David plans to own five gyms and the buildings they’re in. He’s using profits to buy more gym locations and other rental properties.

💡 We’ve seen multiple gym owners build a profitable location and expand their fitness empire.

💪 Shawn Rider – Shenandoah CrossFit

Shawn invests in his team so he can have more free time. He has also invested in life insurance and real estate, including two Airbnbs.

💡 These gym owners know that hiring great staff makes it easier to run multi-location.

💪 Jake Fields – CrossFit Devotion and Club Ignite

After a career setback, Jake is building a portfolio of long-term rental properties. He plans to invest $100k annually from his gym into a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio.

💡 By owning real estate, Jared Byczko and Andrea Savard became multi-million dollar gym owners.

So, you wanna be a millionaire?

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of Chris’s book.

Did I mention it’s FREE on Kindle until February 16?

💡 You can also get a free copy of Start A Gym and Gym Owners Handbook.

To learn more about growing your net worth to $1M, watch or listen to Chris’s full interview on Gym World.

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