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Everyone is a drug dealer these days.

What’s up Gym World?

In case you missed it, WeightWatchers (WW) recently acquired a telehealth company called Sequence for $132M—which rocketed WeightWatchers’ stock 79% in one day.

Sequence is a $99/mo subscription plan that allows users to get prescriptions for semaglutides:

Screen Shot 2023 05 30 at 9.53.55 PM

What are semaglutides?

💡 Semaglutides, like Ozempic & Wegovy, fall under a class of meds called GLP-1 RAs that help to reduce blood sugar. Ozempic is used to treat Type 2 diabetes and became viral for its main side effect: weight loss. Wegovy is designed for those who don’t have diabetes but want to experience the weight-loss benefits.

Why should you care?

There’s a huge market demand for semaglutides.

Some sources say that the market will be worth $200B in the next decade.

Sequence is an early mover and has managed to bring in $25M annually across 24,000 members since its launch in 2021.

Ro, a company best known for mailing out off-label Viagra, is also an early mover in the space. They claim to have over 150k weight loss patients for their $135/mo “Body Program.” 🤯

Screen Shot 2023 06 01 at 3.04.18 PM

WeightWatchers’ Plan

Acquiring a telehealth company that focuses on semaglutides is a strategic move for WeightWatchers—here’s why:

WW has a MASSIVE list of overweight clients AND Oprah.

Yes, Oprah.

She purchased 10% of the company back in 2015 and became a member of the board, increasing WW’s market value by 105% in one day.


I can’t think of anyone that is better positioned to market semaglutides to the 66% of US adults that are classified as overweight or obese.

Noom wants a piece of the action too

Weight loss app Noom recently announced that they’re launching theirown prescription service for semaglutides.

Screen Shot 2023 06 01 at 11.11.36 AM

Makes sense—they raised $540M in 2021 and probably want to show their investors something shiny and new.

They fired a bunch of their health coaches last year and hired their “first-ever” medical director for this project.

Like WeightWatchers, Noom will pair drug prescriptions with their weight management app.

Is BeachBody next?

💡 BeachBody rebranded to BODi back in March after its stock fell 97+% and the NYSE sent them a deficiency letter. The rebrand includes ditching the ‘fitness & diet industry playbook.’

BODi is a “holistic fitness, nutrition, and positive mindset resource” for individuals looking to improve their “health-esteem,” whatever that means.

Like WeightWatchers, they have a MASSIVE list of overweight prospects to sell to. According to an investor presentation, they also have 16M emails in their CRM.


I am sure they’ve seen WeightWatchers’ stock and realized:

  1. the demand for weight loss drugs is massive
  2. they already have a huge database of people who struggle to lose weight
  3. they’re some of the best marketers in the fitness industry, and
  4. a successful pivot into peddling weight loss prescriptions could send their stock ripping

CEO Carl Daimler claims that the company is in an ideal position to grow—and I agree. They have the resources, plus the right target market to follow the path being carved out by WeightWatchers and Noom.

Though BODi hasn’t shown its hand quite like WW, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were actively shopping around or considering launching something internally.

There are BIG implications for gym owners

1/ There will be a flood of companies entering the space. I’m already getting peppered with ads for semaglutides:

image 1

2/ These companies will compete for the same ad space as gym owners, and they will use similar copy.

They’ll likely have an easier time selling to cold traffic because taking a shot once a week is way easier than going to the gym 3-4x a week.

3/ Don’t ignore this trend. Barclays Bank estimates that the weight loss drug industry will be worth $100B by 2030. That’s almost 3x bigger than the entire gym industry.

People who take these drugs will get better results if they exercise and eat right. If you’re a brick and mortar gym owner, position yourself as the go-to coach for people taking semaglutides in your market.

A lot of med spas (places where rich people get botox and chemical peels) are currently offering semaglutides to customers—there may be partnership opportunities for enterprising coaches.

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