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How you can maximize ChatGPT in your fitness business.

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You’re probably tired of hearing about ChatGPT—the AI chatbot that is making social media unbearable.

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However, last month OpenAI released GPT-4 and it’s kinda a big deal, so bear with me.

AI scientist Dr. Jim Fan, does a good job of explaining why you should care:

GPT-4 lets you add in more context, requires less prompt-engineering skills, and writes in a more conversational style.

This means ChatGPT is no longer a tool for making “shitty AI-generated content.”

David Sacks, a prominent VC and business writer, recently explained how using GPT-4 cut down his blog post research & writing process from 1 week to 1 day.

He wrote his most recent blog post WITH ChatGPT and shared the prompts he used.

He claims that AI became his “researcher, writing partner and part-time editor.”

How to use AI as a fit pro

My goal with Gym World is to help fit pros make more money.

Knowing how to use GPT-4 well is a surefire way to do that.

That’s why I created the Ultimate AI Guide for Gym Owners, which can help you make a week of content in one hour.

It includes a step-by-step process that covers everything you need like:

  • Idea generation
  • Creating an organized content calendar
  • Developing blog posts, newsletters, Facebook & Instagram posts

I also did a 1-hour training in Gym Owners United on how to use our guide to maximize AI in your fitness business.

It’s all free.

If you find it valuable, forward this email to another fit pro and say “SUBSCRIBE TO GYM WORLD, IT’LL MAKE YOU MONEY!”

Final thought

In world where everyone can generate mountains of content in minutes, what are the most valuable skills?

Talk next week,
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