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Messaging people you don’t know (yet) can change your life.

Cold outreach is a necessary activity that many entrepreneurs dread, as it requires boring work, persistence, and plenty of rejection.

However, when done right, cold outright can be one of the highest ROI activities in your business.

Henry Ford said: “Nothing happens until someone sells something. And before anyone can sell anything, someone has to generate a sales lead.”

So here’s how to use cold outreach to get more sales leads.

Step 1: Accept that selling is necessary

Overcoming the fear of sounding like a salesperson is a simple matter of accepting that you are a salesperson and there is nothing wrong with that.

When you dial someone’s phone number, send a well-crafted email, or walk into their office, remember this: you are there to help them improve their business. Be proud of that. Until you internalize this idea, you’re going to be anxious about cold outreach.

Step 2: Get over your fear of failure

If you maintain a negative mindset, for example repeating, “I hate sending cold emails, no one reads them!”, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The key to removing that fear is doing more reps.

The more reps you do, the more confident you’ll be, and confident people close more deals.

Step 3: Use a proven template

Here are my favorites:

Screen Shot 2022 07 22 at 9.11.18 AM

Step 4: Understand it’s a numbers game

If you reach out to 100 prospects, you’re lucky if:

20 respond

6 take a call

3 show for the call

1 buys

This is about 10 hours of work.

When you start out, your numbers may be worse. It could take 200-300 messages & 20-30 hours of work to get your first sale.

But if a client is worth $10,000, you’re making around $333-$1,000 hour for every hour of outreach. Not bad!

Most people give up way too soon.

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