Overcoming imposter syndrome & building a $100k/mo nutrition business


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The thing that scares you is usually the thing you should do more of.

So, what’s scaring you?

That’s something Lindsey VanSchoyck asked herself in 2018 when she realized she didn’t want to be a gym owner forever.

Lindsey and her husband were running two gyms and had young kids at home. She wanted a source of income that gave her more flexibility.

She knew putting herself out there was probably a good start.

The problem: she was afraid of what people would think of her if she started posting online.

Her internal dialogue went something like this:

I’m not fit enough, I don’t move as well as I should, and I don’t know enough to be posting this.

Lindsey pushed through the fear and posted her workouts, along with some health tips every day. After 3 years of consistent posting, she had a small following.

A mentor noticed her traction and pushed her to start a nutrition business, so Lindsey launched Rejuvenating Health.

One thing that I’ve noticed about successful Gym World guests: they pay for advice and then execute like an assassin.
Being coachable is an underrated skill in business.
You wouldn’t believe how many people spend $10-$20k/yr on a coach or mentor and then don’t follow the advice they’re given.

In her first year, she did $350k. In her second year, she did over $1M 🤯.

We’re going to break down how she did it. But first…

Overcoming imposter syndrome

An outside observer would applaud Lindsey for her success, yet she struggled to internalize it and sometimes felt like she didn’t deserve it.

This is a common phenomenon, especially amongst high-achieving women. A KPMG study found that 75% of female executives experience imposter syndrome.

Ironically enough, talking about your success and sharing your knowledge can help you overcome imposter syndrome.

Scaling her business to over $100k/mo

Luckily for us, Lindsey shared her secrets on Gym World. Here’s her formula:

Finding an underserved niche

Rejuvenating Health helps women who struggle with hormonal changes due to perimenopause & menopause.

Taboos surrounding women’s health make it difficult to access quality education and care—as a health practitioner, Lindsey knows this firsthand.

So Lindsey became the source.

Her program is all-encompassing. It includes lab work, gut health & genetic testing, along with nutrition & mindset.

It costs $7,000 for 6 months or $15,000 to work directly with Lindsey.

Investing heavily in education

Providing current, evidence-based information is a priority for Lindsey, which is reflected in the sheer amount of cash she spends on continuing education.

According to her, she’s spent over $100k on workshops and certifications.

Help first

Lindsey is extremely aware of the people that she serves, understands the issues they face, and provides them with tons of free value.

She posts 6 pieces of organic content a day and hosts a weekly podcast.

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Most fit pros “do content,” but don’t do enough to produce a desirable result.

Pour fuel on the fire

Once Rejuvenating Health cracked $100k/mo she knew her program worked, so she started running paid ads.

She now spends $200/day on Facebook Ads and gets about 70 leads. 75% of her sales come from paid ads.

All her ads push to a simple lead magnet about gut health:

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Sell hard

Selling a $7,000 nutrition program is different than selling a $200 gym membership. Lindsey realized that, and hired two sales coaches to help her build her sales infrastructure from the ground up.

She broke down the step-by-step process on Gym World.

What gym owners can learn from Lindsey

I chat with successful fitness entrepreneurs each week, and they all say the same thing:

Building a business takes time, patience, hard work, and sometimes, very expensive mistakes.

But some do it faster than others.

Lindsey developed her entrepreneurial skillset in half the time it takes most people. When I asked her how she did it, she said:

1. We invested in mentorship right from the start.
2. And did what they said, no excuses, and put in the work.

If you’d like to hear from Lindsey herself, check out the latest Gym World for a deeper dive into her business.

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