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Get more organic leads than you can handle…

What’s up Gym World?

Back by popular demand, we’ve got Cassie Day from All Day Fit to dive further into her killer Instagram strategy.

Here’s a breakdown of the system she uses to get more organic leads than she can handle:

Every gym owner knows that a good Instagram strategy can skyrocket their revenue, but most gym owners struggle to stay consistent. Cassie says the biggest issue she sees most fit pros making is that they get to the computer and try and figure out what they’re going to post that day.

That’s why she developed a strategy that allows her to build 12 weeks of content in just 12 hours. It’s all laid out on a content calendar like this:

The BEST Instagram strategy for gym owners 1

The content calendar is divided into 3 color-coded programs, each spanning 4 weeks. These colors indicate different phases of the programs in the cycle:

  • Phase 1 (Weeks 1-4): Cassie and her team brainstorm ideas and create content
  • Phase 2 (Weeks 5-8): Cassie’s Head of Content, Sarah, builds out and drafts the content
  • Phase 3 (Weeks 9-12): Sarah ensures the content goes live

In practice, this means All Day Fit is working on March’s content as early as January. All programs take 4 weeks to brainstorm, plan, and create.

Here’s what the process for Phase 1 of a program would look like:

Week 1: brainstorm

Cassie and her entire coaching team meet for 1-2 hours once a week for a ‘huddle’ session. The goal of these sessions is to brainstorm 8-12 pieces of content that:

  • Fits the theme for each week, and
  • Resonates with their target audience. For Cassie, it’s representing all bodies and abilities in fitness. It’s clear who her gym is for, helping her attract and retain her dream clients.

This ensures the gym publishes at least 2-3 high-quality posts each week.

💡 Cassie says her team also looks at other fitness accounts, like Ladder, for inspiration on what they’d want the gym’s feed to look like.

Week 2: solidify ideas and plan

Once they’ve decided what they want to create, Cassie’s Head of Content (Sarah) maps everything out. The team gets a shared doc that includes:

  • Whether or not the brainstorming session was completed
  • Who is responsible for what
  • Why the post is relevant
  • Where the inspiration came from
  • Post details
  • Exact shot list for coaches
  • Caption and additional notes
The BEST Instagram strategy for gym owners 2
Every team member has a role and due date for their tasks, which makes it easy to track everyone’s progress.

Week 3: shoot content

Cassie hires a professional photographer to get high-quality assets, which helps her social posts stand out from the competition.

The BEST Instagram strategy for gym owners 3
She gathers content like photos, vertical videos, testimonials, and client stories to post on her feed or Stories.

Since her team knows exactly which shots they need to get, all the filming is complete in just 2 hours. These assets are then forwarded to Sarah.

Week 4: piece everything together

At this point, Sarah has everything she needs to:

  • Assemble the content,
  • Edit the captions, and
  • Organize the posting schedule for the week.
The BEST Instagram strategy for gym owners 4

In her system, every piece of content is color-coded:

  • Green = content that’s been posted
  • Orange = posts that were moved to a different day, and
  • Red = content wasn’t posted.
💡 Cassie says that missed posts usually result from late submissions or because they didn’t quite match the feed’s aesthetics and cohesiveness at that time.

And that’s how Cassie sells $85k/mo in training on Instagram while likely spending less time on social than you do.

Gym owners: now, it’s your turn.

Social media won’t work for everyone, especially for busy gym owners. Consistent content creation takes time and effort that you might not always have.

But if you’re a gym owner wanting to stay on top of your content game and get ahead, here’s what you’ll want to do:

Slide into Cassie’s DMs and tell her you came from Gym World. She’ll send you a copy of her content calendar template.

For more in-depth insights on content strategy, be sure to watch or listen to Cassie’s full interview on Gym World, and share it with others who are looking to step up their social media presence.

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