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He sold for $150 million to bet BIG on this one trend…

Happy Saturday.

I hope you’re all making lots of money from the New Year’s rush.

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Is CrossFit Dying?

Over the past few weeks, CrossFit Youtubers Andrew Hiller, Craig Richey, and Nate Edwardson posted videos asking, “Is CrossFit Dying?”

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Well, your boy has the answer & soon, you will too.


Every year, I buy a mailing list of all the CrossFit affiliates. The data is scraped from the CrossFit Affiliate Map and then verified via Google Earth.

Here’s what the numbers say:


  • 2020: 5,638
  • 2021: 5,060
  • 2022: 4,750


  • 2020: 12,587
  • 2021: 11,431
  • 2022: 11,480

So in the last two years, there has been a net loss of 1,107 global affiliates, but 899 of those were US affiliates.

Year over year, global numbers look strong, but CrossFit reduced the affiliation fee by $750 in certain international markets at the end of 2021.

Seeing the US number bleed away is concerning.

I’ve spoken at a few fitness conferences abroad, and in my opinion, US affiliates drive the brand’s culture.

A quick Google Trends search shows that the US population gets less interested in the brand every year.

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Between the affiliate data, the executive departures, and the trend data, three things are clear to me:

  1. CrossFit is dying in the US, which matters more than global affiliate growth

2. CrossFit’s new owners, Berkshire Partners, are unhappy with how things are going


To be clear: I don’t think CrossFit will die. The modality is effective, and there is a die-hard fan base. The most likely outcome is that CrossFit’s popularity continues to decline for a few more years and then eventually plateaus.

The best gym owner ever?

This week on Gym World Worldwide, we discuss the Lionel Messi of gym ownership.

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With over 140 locations, Jamie Weeks is the largest OrangeTheory franchisee. He sold his studios to private equity TWICE for around $150M.

Last year he bet big on a recovery franchise called SweatHouz. They’ve already sold 75+ licenses and same-store sales are growing by 5% monthly.

Watch the episode to learn how you can profit from the next big trend in fitness.

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