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State of the Fitness Industry

This week on Gym World Worldwide, I sat down with Chris Cooper, the founder of Two-Brain Business, which is the world’s largest gym mentorship company.

We talked about the Two-Brain State of the Industry guide, which included data from 10,657 gym owners.

He shared how much money the average gym owner makes and his unfiltered opinion on the state of CrossFit.

The show notes are time stamped so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

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61% of gym owners said “increasing memberships” is their #1 business objective in 2023

Yet 56% of gyms are not running ads and only 13% of gyms said they had “no need” to run ads.

I’ve personally coached 200+ gym owners on paid advertising, and the most common things I heard were “ads don’t work for me” or “ads don’t work anymore.”

While the days of $2 Facebook leads are long gone, plenty of gym owners are running profitable campaigns with $50+ leads.

If you want to increase memberships but feel like ads don’t work, ask yourself:

  • Are you testing new creative once a week?
  • Are you calling leads in 5 minutes or less?
  • Do your packaging and pricing allow you to quickly earn back ad costs?
  • Is it easy to book a sales appointment?
  • Are you nurturing leads before their appointments?
  • Do you practice handling objections at least once a week?

Ads still work in every market. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be a market. If they’re not working for you, something is broken in your funnel.

Fix it, and you’ll be handsomely rewarded.


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