$0 Marketing Plan, Writing Cold Emails, & Building Wealth


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Happy Sunday.

Here’s how you can grow your business this week:

The best newsletter platform?

On Monday, I chatted with Tyler Denk, the CEO of beehiiv. He talked about building beehiiv & shared the strategies he used to grow Morning Brew to 2M+ subscribers while maintaining 40%+ open rates.

Afterward, Gianni Cara & Kieran Drew taught everyone how to write a welcome sequence that skyrockets open rates.

How to get $1,000,000 with $0 of ads

My team used this exact playbook to bootstrap to $1M in revenue without any paid ads.

How to write a killer cold email

Here are my 6 favorite frameworks for writing cold emails that get answered. I even shared the word-for-word script I used to hire a CTO as a non-technical founder.

How to build wealth w/ Clint Murphy

Next Tuesday, I am interviewing Clint Murphy. We’ll talk about his favorite strategies for building wealth and how he amassed 168k person audience on Twitter. Set a reminder here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BRJjZdvmnLJw

Until next week,

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