5 Reasons You Should Not Rely on Your Automation to do Everything

There are many reasons you should let automation take over much of your communication for your new leads and long-term client check-ins. Automation saves you time, allows you to focus on higher-level tasks, and keeps your clients on a regular schedule. Because let’s be serious, who remembers to check in with every single client every three months? We should be using automation for these things; it makes for a better member experience overall.

But there is one critical time when automation should not be relied on. Gym owners converting the highest amount of leads are still doing some critical manual work. This can include sending out postcards, ad hoc posting on social media, and, most importantly, calling those leads!

We’ve built an excellent product at Gym Lead Machine, and in fact, it’s so good that many gym owners that use it tell us it has saved hours of work daily. They no longer have to spend so much time keeping their lead information organized, sending out appointment reminders, updating their calendars, and managing the client journey. But there is one thing that no automation software system can do well: pick up the phone and call that lead.

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Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be calling your gym leads:

1. You will stand out!

Here is a challenge for you, go ahead and inquire at five gyms in your area and see how many call you back. We’d be willing to bet that very few of them get back to you promptly. Your gym will stand out by being the one that calls someone back, and in this day and age, that is impressive.

2. You will prove you are a human.

As stated above, automation is great, but leads aren’t dumb. Shoppers are more educated than ever and can tell when responses or direct outreach are automatically generated. Prove to your leads that real humans run your gym, and you can make a real human connection. It will go a long way.

3. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Gretzky said it best. By not calling your leads, you can guarantee that most leads who do not book an appointment with you will not become members. Can you really afford to miss the opportunity to call a lead who has demonstrated that they want your help? Every lead which gives you information wants to talk to you (even if they say otherwise).

4. It’s just good customer service.

You look like you are uninterested in working with new clients by not calling your leads, which is terrible customer service. The lead told you they wanted to talk to you by entering their phone number into your system and hitting “submit.” The least you could do is call them back.

5. You are more likely to make the sale.

If a lead is researching gym memberships in your area, “Inside Sales” estimates that you are 30-50% more likely to make the sale if you call your leads before the other gyms. You’re leaving money on the table by not even attempting to call leads.

Calling leads takes a little bit of courage and much practice. But not calling them could mean missing a big chunk of sales, missing revenue targets, and ultimately missing the opportunity to change a life in your community. Stop telling yourself that no one will answer, or that all of your leads are unqualified. Pick up the phone. 

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