Breaking down the unicorn-themed gym that made $33M


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Happy Sunday.

Here’s what I have for you this week:

How to write tweets that get clients

On Friday, I held a Space with Erica Schneider. As I am writing this, almost 4,000 people have tuned in 🤯.

We discussed:

•Dealing with haters

•Her beef with Nicolas Cole

•Building a hyper-engaged audience

•How to use Twitter to get paying clients

Check it out here:

How to get your first 10,000 followers FAST:

On Wednesday, I spoke with Rob Lennon. We talked about:

•How he grew his account from 0 to 10,000 followers in 41 days

•The inner workings of the Twitter algorithm

•Building two of the most popular audience-building courses

If you’re in a hurry to build a personal brand, check it out:

The unicorn-themed gym that made $33M

Yesterday I broke down how Mark Fisher built one of the most profitable gyms, per square foot, in the world.

Learn how he generated outsized profits by being remarkable and positioning himself well.

What’s the best newsletter platform?

This Tuesday at 11:30 am, I am sitting down with Tyler Denk, the CEO of Beehiiv, to discuss the newsletter business & what makes his platform unique.

Afterward, I’ll bring on Gianni Cara, Kieran Drew, & (maybe?) Liam Curley to discuss what they’re doing to build their newsletters.

Set a reminder:


Scheduled: The best platform for building a newsletter business? —

John Franklin’s Space · Where live audio conversations happen

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