Gym Lead Machine Vs. Two-Brain Business

We’re big fans of Two-Brain Business—and Chris Cooper.

We work with hosts of Two-Brain Business clients, and Cooper himself uses a Gym Lead Machine site for marketing. And the Two-Brain mentorship team? Sixty percent of them use our software platform, too.

So why is our relationship so tight? And how do the two businesses differ and complement each other?

Two-Brain Business: Industry Leading Mentorship

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Chris Cooper founded Two-Brain business to make 1 million entrepreneurs wealthy, and he’s starting with the fitness industry because people who dedicate their lives to improving health deserve financial security—and more.

Cooper is an expert in the fitness business. He runs a thriving gym—Catalyst Fitness in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada—and he’s done thousands of mentoring calls with gym owners and CrossFit affiliate owners around the world. In 2016, he founded Two-Brain, and as he learned exactly what gym owners need to succeed, he assembled a large team to build and provide it. 

Two-Brain now has three main products: RampUp, Growth and Tinker. One leads to the other as entrepreneurs grow their businesses by working one on one with a mentor to take action. You can read all about the process here and even book a free call to find out more about mentorship.

The short version: With a certified mentor—someone who’s actually built a successful CrossFit gym—clients work through the RampUp curriculum to set up a solid business or fix an existing one. This short but intense sprint helps them get a foundation in place—all the systems and procedures that are essential for a gym business or CrossFit affiliate. It’s not uncommon for clients to see significant increases in revenue during RampUp as they implement best practices backed by years of research and tens of thousands of dollars of testing. 

Two-Brain and CrossFit Affiliates: Supercharged Growth

With a basic structure and a plan for the future, clients move to the Growth Phase of Two-Brain Business. Here, entrepreneurs receive increased peer support and work with a mentor to figure out exactly what do “right now” to move the business forward. In Growth, entrepreneurs build stable, profitable businesses that can run without them.

Those who follow the plan in Growth reach Tinker stage. This is when they look to diversify, set up cash-flow assets, start new businesses and make long-term plans to build a legacy. 

To move their businesses forward, gym owners use the incredible Two-Brain Roadmap. This one-of-a-kind, data-backed app literally tells entrepreneurs what to do step by step in areas such as retention, operations, staffing, sales and marketing, lead generation and so on.

That’s where Gym Lead Machine comes in.

Our Solution to CrossFit Gym Owners’ Problems

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Two-Brain Business is a mentorship practice, and Gym Lead Machine is an all-in-one marketing and website solution. 

Sure, we teach people exactly how to use our system, but we’re not a mentoring company. Still, we built this business using Two-Brain principles taught by Chris Cooper: We listened to gym owners when they had problems with lead generation, capture and nurturing; client communication and two-way texting; email systems; retention; web design; landing pages, marketing automation; appointment scheduling and so on. 

Fitness entrepreneurs actually had a lot of complaints about existing options. 

A few examples:

“Why do I need five different software providers and a bunch of linking systems to capture a and nurture a lead?

“Why does it take $5,000 and way too much time to set up a website that can’t even help me sell my service?”

“Why doesn’t my landing page generate any leads even though my ads are sending people there?”

We listened, talked to Cooper and found out exactly what the best gym owners in the world need when it comes to web presence and marketing. Then we developed an all-in-one solution for gym owners. 

Gym Lead Machine: High Speed, Huge ROI

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Here’s what we do now:

In days, not months, we build superior gym websites that convert clients for a fraction of the cost of other providers, and we rid owners of an average of $4,878 in software and service fees. 

Instead of a network of apps all jury-rigged together, we provide everything a modern business requires to grow. Check out “The Essential Elements of a Great Gym Website.” That article explains exactly what gym owners need to thrive—and exactly what we do.

The TLDR summary: We create engaging, professional websites that handle all elements of marketing and communication. 

If Chris taught us one thing, it’s to listen to what clients want and provide it. 

So we did. 

The Two-Brain Business Roadmap and Gym Lead Machine

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As Two-Brain clients work through the RampUp stage and begin to use the Roadmap to supercharge their businesses, they’re directed to take action.

Two-Brain mentors don’t say “maybe you should run a six-week challenge or something. That might work. Probably?” 

They say, “Based on your data, your landing pages are not converting. Your marketing funnel is broken right at that point. You need to fix it fast. You have two options: Do it yourself or hire a pro.”

Or they say, “Your retention score is below average. You’re clearly losing clients because you’re not staying in touch with them. You need a better communication and appointment-booking system for goal reviews. You can build one yourself or bolt in a done-for-you solution.”

Another example: “You would make more sales if you responded to leads faster. You need a system that alerts staff as soon as a lead signs up for your mailing list. You can build one or buy one.”

Here’s the thing: Two-Brain teaches entrepreneurs to fiercely guard their time and their money. Business owners can’t waste either resource. In the early stages of business, you might have to do everything yourself. But as you grow, it won’t be worth your time to clean toilets, fiddle with HTML code and research which pictures will make visitors book a free intro on your website. 

Because your specialty is growing a fitness business, you need to do that while someone else handles the details.

Here the other thing: You can’t just blow money on stuff. Two-Brain teaches clients that expenses must generate a return—either money or time the owner can spend growing the business and making money. 

That means Two-Brain clients need to move fast and make smart decisions that get results. Our platform saves time, helps clients generate revenue and provides trackable metrics so they know they’re seeing a return on their investment.

Gym Lead Machine: The Instant Solution

When it comes to the key Two-Brain Roadmap highways Get More Leads, Sell More and Keep Clients Longer, Gym Lead Machine can help—and fast. 

As clients work through these highways, they’re given assignments that will help them make significant improvements. For example, when Two-Brain clients start working on their online presence, their first assignment is to ensure their website has correct contact info, tells clients what the business does, and allows visitors to book free intros with pre-session reminders.

The client can 100 percent spend valuable time creating a website that does all that. Or the client can just contact us and have us do it while he or she moves on to other high-value projects. 

Same deal when the client is working on Affinity Marketing and gets to this assignment: “Use your mailing list to get a reader to book a free intro.” 

Clients can use Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign to do that, and they can have the reader head to Acuity to book an appointment. They can even build a system where Zapier links to Acuity and alerts staff members when an appointment is booked, and they can integrate comms systems for reminders and nurturing.

Or the client can just use Gym Lead Machine’s industry-leading platform to do it all, plug and play.

We’re essentially the “easy button” Two-Brain business clients can hit to complete assignments fast so they can move on to other projects—like taking coffee to other local business, upgrading their staff playbooks, hiring staff members who generate revenue, and so on.

Two-Brain Business and Gym Lead Machine: A Perfect Complement

The fitness industry has evolved in a big way. That means people can use Chris Cooper’s decades of expertise to avoid all the mistakes gym owners used to make, and it means they can use Gym Lead Machine to stay competitive in an increasingly tough industry.

Back in the day, gym websites weren’t used as sales tools. They were just the place where owners posted the workout and pictures of bloody hands. Those days are long gone—and why wouldn’t you want to use your web presence to get more clients? Don’t make a mistake and use a “2012 website” in 2020. Your website should make money for your business.

We love working with Two-Brain Business clients. They’re the top gym owners in the world, and they’re on a clear path to success. They know what they need, they want measurable ROI, and they move fast. 

We’re on the same plan. Our set-up time is less than five hours, so gym owners can make strategic decisions and move on. When they come back, they’ll find a customized, fully integrated website that will help them retain clients and earn new ones. No silly features, no gimmicks. Just tried and tested elements that create great experiences on the front and back ends, as well as a measurable return on investment.

We’re constantly working to find ways to help gym owners, and we’re always adding features to stay on the cutting edge of web design and marketing.

Two-Brain clients also benefit from our intimate knowledge of the Roadmap and Two-Brain principles. We pride ourselves on knowing all the Two-Brain programs inside and out. Two-Brain is constantly testing and refining to find the best practices in the world, and if Coop comes calling with something Two-Brain clients need to keep leading the industry, we’ll make it happen. 

Two-Brain Business exists to make entrepreneurs wealthy, and Gym Lead Machine exists to supercharge their growth by taking care of all the website, communications and marketing elements gym owners need to thrive.

To watch a Gym Lead Machine demo and learn more, click here.

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