Gym Lead Machine’s Partnership with Driven Nutrition just got a whole lot better!

Since the inception of Gym Lead Machine, our mission has been to make life easier for gym owners. When we met with Jason Rule at Driven Nutrition last year, we knew that partnering with them was a no-brainer.

Jason’s mission is to help affiliates generate retail revenue in their gyms through high-quality supplement sales. Driven Nutrition makes it easy for gym owners to order, stock, and sell products to their members by providing the support and educational materials they need to succeed. Many of the gym owners we talk to who have a successful supplement retail program generate 1000’s of dollars of revenue every month through their partnership with Driven.

Gym Lead Machine partnered with Driven Nutrition in late 2020 to help our mutual clients show off their own partnership with Driven. We started small, with banners and a short email campaign.

Since then, we’ve gone big.

Our teams put our heads together and integrated a massive campaign for Driven Nutrition clients to use. This campaign contains weekly emails for all of the gym’s long-term clients. The content for these campaigns was provided by Jason and put together by his staff, Tyler and Gina. There is enough content to communicate the benefits of supplements with a client for up to two years. All of the email content and campaigns have seamless integration with the gym’s Driven Nutrition affiliate ID allowing the owners of the gym to be even more hands-off in the promotion of the products.

If you aren’t already using Driven Nutrition in your gym, you can fast-track the setup by following the link here. If you are already a Driven client and would like to add this campaign to your Gym Lead Machine Account, you can find the request form here.

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