How to Boost Gym Growth on Instagram: 5 Outbound Marketing Tips

Ever felt that adrenaline rush when you step onto the gym floor, ready to dominate your workout? That’s the energy we’re channeling into marketing today.

Gym owners, in our previous discussion, we delved deep into the digital realm, showcasing how to craft a winning organic content strategy for your gym’s social media. That’s inbound marketing—enticing prospects with valuable content crafted specifically for them, making them naturally gravitate towards you.

Now, it’s time to shift weights and highlight outbound marketing. ****By the end of this guide, you’ll grasp how to proactively harness Instagram, reaching out to potential prospects and seamlessly transforming chats into membership sign-ups.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound marketing is a traditional form of marketing that’s all about pushing your message outwards to potential prospects. Think of it as the “look at me!” approach to getting your gym noticed. Examples include:

  • cold calling
  • direct mail
  • outreach email
  • billboards, radio ads, tv ads, etc.

This means you are taking an active approach by reaching out to others in your audience and ensuring they are aware of your gym’s presence. Provided below is a comparison between both methods.

2 outbound vs inbound marketing comparison
(Image source: Software Advice)

Why is Outbound Marketing Important?

Some view outbound marketing as “retro” because it’s one of the original forms of reaching customers. Yet, when combined with modern techniques like inbound marketing, the results are compelling. Companies that harness the power of both achieve a whopping 64% higher conversion rate.

Here’s why it’s crucial for gym owners:

  • Boosts gym visibility: Outbound marketing ensures more people discover and recognize your gym brand.
  • Easy to implement: Skip the tedious prep. It’s simple, fast, and immediately gets you out there.
  • Targeted messaging: Deliver offers, guides, or classes details to those who’d be most interested.
  • See the impact, fast: Get feedback and see outcomes quicker compared to other methods.

Next up, we’re showing you exactly how you can leverage your gym’s Instagram for even better outreach.

5 Key Steps to Master Outbound Marketing for Gym Owners

Instagram isn’t just a place to share photos; it’s a powerful platform for gym owners to capture prospects’ attention, initiate meaningful conversations with them, and ultimately close sales—all fundamental aspects of effective marketing.

Case in point: Nick Page, a gym owner that’s leveraged the platform’s full potential, generating $10-15k monthly from his gym’s Instagram outreach. So how did he do it?

Let’s break down five steps to harness the power of Instagram for your gym’s outbound marketing.

1. DM New Followers

Think of your new followers as hot leads—they’ve shown an active interest in what your gym offers. It’s crucial to connect with them promptly and make the most of their heightened interest.

Successful outreach comes down to four pivotal messages:

  • Kick off with a warm greeting
3 DM new followers greeting message
  • Introduce yourself, setting a personal touch
4 DM new followers introduction message
  • Express gratitude for their attention and interest
5 DM new followers thank you message
  • Showcase what makes your gym stand out, returning the favor of their curiosity
6 DM new followers offer message

If you get a reply, fantastic! Now it’s time to get your prospect through your gym doors.

Be attentive, sync with their schedule, and be prepared to address any concerns or objections they might have. For example:

7 DM new followers address concerns

When they’re ready, secure their phone number and engage with them as if they’re already a cherished member of your gym community.

8 DM new followers phone number

With this approach, you’re not just getting a follower. You’re on track to gaining a potential loyal gym member.

2. Have a Strong Call-to-Action in your Bio

Think of your gym’s Instagram bio as your front-desk pitch. A sharp call-to-action (CTA) isn’t just guidance—it’s a nudge, pushing your audience from mere interest to action. It directs them on where to click, what to buy, and sparks that urgent “let’s do this” feeling. Examples include:

  • DM us “______” for a FREE [product/service]
  • Book your first class now!
  • Unlock a FREE 30-day workout plan
  • Discover membership perks & join our community!
9 Nick Page call to action in bio example

If your CTA happens to be a DM, don’t leave them unanswered. Speedy replies build trust and show your dedication.

10 speed to response

In addition, adding a Link in Bio with 3-5 links will help further direct your gym’s profile visitors to the relevant landing page. Here is an example:

11 link in bio example

3. DM People who Engage with Posts

Got a new follow, like, or comment on your gym’s post? That’s a digital nod of interest. This is your cue to engage, nurture, and give your leads that nudge they might need to step through your gym’s doors.

12 DM people who engage with posts

Pro Tip: Make it a point to follow all your members from your gym’s Instagram account. Doing this not only tightens the bond within your gym community but is also a clever tactic for lead generation.

For instance, let’s say a member tags your gym or introduces a friend or two through one of your posts. Boom! You’ve just been introduced to a potential new member. Hop on that opportunity to interact with them.

4. DM Old Followers

Not every follower is a current gym member, especially if you have a larger audience; some might even be ex-members, and others might just be your fans.

Embrace this mix! Spark up conversations and reconnect with past members while engaging new prospects.

13 DM old followers

5. Follow-Up with Open Conversations

Consistently applying the previous four steps will undoubtedly flood your inbox with conversations. However, not everyone you reach out to will be ready to commit right off the bat. That’s just the nature of the game. But remember, people’s decisions evolve. It’s why nurturing leads—even months after that initial chat—is vital.

Pro Tip: If your prospect isn’t ready, mark a future date in your calendar for a follow-up (e.g., every 60 days). Standing out often means taking that extra step when others don’t.

Here is an example of a follow-up:

14 follow up with open leads message

Instagram Hack: Use Saved Replies

Great news gym owners! There’s a way to send DM’s 10x faster using Instagram Saved Replies. This feature allows you to create messages and send them instantly in your conversations.

Note: You must have an Instagram Business account to use Saved Replies. For a complete step-by-step process on how to create Saved Replies, check out this article.

15 Instagram saves replies 1

Saved Replies are especially handy when sending the introduction, appreciation, and offer messages from step 1 in this guide.

16 Instagram saved replies 2

Setting up a keyboard shortcut for your message allows your reply to pop up when you type the same shortcut in the DM.

17 Instagram saved replies 3

And that’s it!

Let’s Recap: 5 Outbound Marketing Steps Every Gym Owner Should Know

Outbound marketing is incredibly effective when paired with inbound strategies. To make the most of your gym’s outreach on Instagram, remember to:

  1. DM new followers promptly. Consider them like hot leads.
  2. Have a compelling call-to-action in your bio. Clarify what you want your audience to do next.
  3. DM those who engage with your posts. A ‘like’ or ‘comment’ might just hint at their readiness to embark on a fitness journey. Offer that motivational nudge and invite them to your community.
  4. DM old followers. Reconnect, reignite their drive, and inspire them choose your gym.
  5. Follow-up with open leads. Nurturing leads can lead to more memberships. Touch base every 60 days.

And finally, the key is to be consistent. With these steps in hand, you’re set to maximize your outreach, strengthen your community, and grow your gym.

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