Sell by Chat: The Ultimate Growth Strategy for Gym Owners

If you’re finding it tough to sell more gym memberships, perhaps the solution lies in how you’re talking to your prospects. But how exactly do you start these conversations and close sales effectively? We’re going to unpack all of that here.

In this article, we’ll break down a straightforward system that not only helps you initiate one-on-one conversations with potential clients but also guides you on how to book more sales appointments and close deals directly through chat.

Continue reading to learn:

  • What is Sell by Chat?
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs Sell by Chat
  • How to Implement the Sell by Chat System in 4 Easy Steps
  • Best Practices for Effective Sell by Chat in Gyms

Now, let’s explore how chat-based selling can transform your gym business and help your numbers grow.

What is Sell by Chat?

Sell by chat is a proactive strategy for gym owners to engage directly with potential clients. It starts with initiating a conversation on chat platforms, where you can ask key questions to gauge a prospect’s fitness goals and interests. From there, you guide the conversation toward signing up for a free consultation or even a membership.

This approach tends to be less formal than a regular cold call yet more personal, primarily because it takes place on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. These are spaces where people already feel comfortable and spend a lot of their time, which encourages much more open and relaxed communication when these people are initially contacted.

Aside from selling by chat on social platforms, some gym owners also incorporate custom chat systems on their website. These often appear as pop-up chat windows, offering another convenient point of contact for visitors to engage in conversations.


Source: freechat

5 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs Sell by Chat

Implementing a chat-based selling system helps mitigate several problems gym owners face today:

1. Ensures Consistent Lead Flow

Many gym owners claim they need more leads to see improvements in their business. By incorporating sell by chat into your lead generation strategy, you can ensure a steady flow of potential clients. This method engages prospects directly on social media, where they already spend much of their time. Instead of passively waiting for leads to come to you through other marketing tactics, sell by chat lets you take an active role in attracting new members.

2. Creates Meaningful Conversations That Convert

Starting a chat is simple, but making it impactful for your gym business is where it becomes challenging. Without a focused strategy, many chats fall short without leading to conversions. A sell by chat system helps you to structure your conversations to be more engaging and goal-oriented, ensuring that each interaction you have moves prospects towards becoming members at your gym.

3. Enhances Client Retention with Personalized Communication

Chat allows for personalized interactions at scale. You can tailor your responses quickly to align with a prospect’s specific interests and needs, offering a level of personalization that more generic marketing tactics—such as mass emails or paid ads—simply can’t match. This level of personalization not only can enhance customer satisfaction but also has been shown to significantly increase loyalty among those who experience it.

4. Boosts Engagement Rates

Data from various industries suggest that chat systems tend to have higher engagement rates compared to traditional forms of communication. This is because chats are instant, convenient, and align with how people prefer to communicate today. By incorporating chat into your strategy, you’re more likely to maintain potential clients’ attention and engagement throughout the decision-making process.

5. Streamlines Communication

Managing multiple conversations across different channels like email, Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn can be overwhelming and inefficient without a focused system. It becomes much easier for potential clients to slip through the cracks this way. A sell by chat system simplifies this by centralizing communication on one or two main platforms. This approach not only reduces complexity but also ensures that no potential client is overlooked.

💡 For gym owners, focusing on Facebook and Instagram is ideal since these platforms are where most people are active.

How to Implement the Sell by Chat System in 4 Easy Steps

The process of selling by chat is simpler than you might think. Here, we’ll break it down for you into four easy steps to help you effectively engage and convert your gym’s prospects.

Step 1: Attract

Attracting prospects starts with getting their attention through high-quality content. Typically, the most effective content educatesinspires, and entertains.

When your content provides value and resonates with your audience, it will naturally generate more likes, comments, and followers. This engagement acts like a virtual hand raise from prospects, signaling their interest and readiness to talk with you.


Source: Deep Well Athletics

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Instagram strategy for gym owners. It will help you plan and create content that prompts action, setting the stage for people to connect with you.

Step 2: Engage

There’s a common saying in marketing: “More conversations equal more conversions.” Once you’ve generated interest through your content, focus on the people who interact with it by liking, commenting, or following. These are your hand-raisers—people who are already showing interest in what you offer.

The key here is to start conversations with those individuals quickly. Striking while the iron is hot maximizes both your chances of getting a response and the potential for a conversion. And when you do reach out, your first message should:

  1. Acknowledge what the person has said or done
  2. Provide additional value related to their interest
  3. Pose a question to continue the conversation

Here is an example of what an effective initial message to a prospect might look like:


Remember, your goal is to prompt a response from the prospect. Once you get the conversation started, it opens the door for deeper dialogue and provides and opportunity to gather more detailed information, moving them closer to conversion.

Step 3: Qualify

Determining if the person you’re chatting with is a good match for your gym and likely to become a paying client is important. This is where the qualification stage comes in to filter out those who aren’t a fit or unlikely to move down your sales funnel.

Asking the right questions will help you understand a prospect’s needs and assess whether your gym’s offerings align with their goals. Consider posing questions like:

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. Do you know anyone who already attends our gym?
  3. Do you live in [Neighbourhood]?
  4. What have you been doing for your fitness lately?
  5. Do you have a specific fitness goal you’re working towards?

The prospect’s answers will help you gauge whether you can meet their needs or not. If it turns out you can assist them, continue the conversation by reflecting on their answers, validating their experiences, and showing them you have a solution. For instance, if a prospect tells you what goal they’re working towards, you might respond with:

💡 “I see, so you’re currently at [X] and you want to achieve [Y]. Our clients have really benefited from [Z] for that goal. It works well because…”

And even if you find that your services aren’t the right fit for the prospect, always aim to leave a positive impression. Be honest with them by suggesting other options or resources that could meet their needs better. Being helpful builds your gym’s reputation and might lead them to recommend you to others.

Step 4: Convert

Many gym owners watch prospects slip away due to indecision. If you truly believe in your service and its impact, it’s important to guide prospects towards making a decision and taking action. Offer them something valuable that they can’t easily refuse, such as:

  • An irresistible deal they simply can’t ignore
  • quick consultation to map out a plan to achieve their fitness goals

They’ll either provide their credit card information or schedule a call. If you need a script on how to effectively convert prospects, consider the approach used by one successful gym owner who handles over 300 leads a month.

Best Practices for Effective Sell by Chat in Gyms

To excel at sell by chat, it’s important to follow some key best practices. Below are effective tips that will improve your selling skills and help you achieve better results.

Tip 1: Be Responsive and Timely

Quick responses are crucial in chat-based selling. In fact, research indicates that 35-50% of prospects choose to buy from the vendor who contacts them first.


Fast response times not only show that you are attentive but also enhance the customer experience by making them feel valued. And, if competitors are slow to respond or not engaging at all, your gym will stand out. This responsiveness can make it easier to move prospects through your sales pipeline effectively.

Tip 2: Listen and Provide Value

Every prospect wants to feel seen and heard. To achieve this, make sure your messages acknowledge and validate what prospects share with you. Take a curious and personal approach by asking open-ended questions about their fitness goals, and make an effort to relate genuinely to their experiences. Then, provide helpful information that showcases your expertise and credibility.

By actively listening and offering valuable responses, you establish your gym as a trusted authority that understands and meets the needs of its members. This not only builds trusts but can also lead to more sales.

Tip 3: Guide Conversations Gently and Respect Decisions

As we’ve discussed, many gym owners lose prospects due to indecision. When you’re chatting with a potential member, it’s important to guide the conversation towards decisions that benefit both of you, whether it’s offering a free consultation, signing up for a trial period, or providing more details about specific programs at your gym.

It’s also important to let prospects feel in control. Give them several options but without pressure, allowing them to choose how they’d like to continue. For example, you might say:

💡 “I’d love to help you get started on achieving your fitness goals. Would you be interested in a free consultation where we can discuss your needs in more detail, or perhaps you’d prefer to try out a class with no commitment to see if it’s a good fit for you?”

Then, gently remind them of the next steps while respecting their boundaries. For instance, you could say:

💡 “After considering the options, let me know what feels right for you, or if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about our gym and services. If you’re ready we can [X,Y,Z].”

Being too pushy throughout the conversation can have the opposite effect and drive prospects away from your gym. Avoid that at all costs.

Tip 4: Avoid Overwhelming Prospects and Respect Boundaries

When chatting with prospects, it’s important not to bombard them with too much information all at once. Sell by chat isn’t about sending a single message and expecting an immediate sale. Instead, you want the conversation to progress naturally, similar to a lead nurturing process.

Also, keep a close eye on how the conversation is unfolding. If it seems to be stalling or going nowhere, it’s important to respect the prospect’s space. Pulling back when necessary not only saves you time but also keeps the door open for future interactions.

Tip 5: Follow-Up Appropriately

Not all prospects will be ready to make a decision right away. It’s important to recognize that some may need more time, and handling sales objections skillfully can often change their initial hesitation. For a detailed guide on navigating these objections, consider reading this article that offers a step-by-step process with specific prompts designed to help you engage effectively.

💡 Remember, changing minds is part of doing business. If a prospect isn’t ready now, don’t hesitate to reach out in the future. They might be more ready to make a decision then.

Start Selling Like a Pro Today!

We’ve unpacked everything from the basics of sell by chat to implementing it effectively at your gym. Here’s a quick recap:

  • We explored how sell by chat can solve common sales challenges, improve engagement, and streamline communication.
  • We outlined four key steps to attract, engage, qualify, and convert your gym prospects.
  • We shared practical tips to make your chats more effective.

Now, it’s time to put these insights into practice. Use what you’ve learned to enhance your sales process and watch as your conversations turn into conversions.

And if you’re a gym owner looking to get even more leads, increase sales, and find more free time, why not book a free call to see if Kilo is the right fit for you? Let’s grow your business together.

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