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What’s up Gym World?

Lisa and Dai Palmer of Gas Station Fitness & Nutrition run two successful CrossFit gyms at capacity. They’re known among Two-Brain gym owners for their great lead nurturing. Despite being able to generate a seemingly endless number of leads, they limit themselves to 300 a month.


Because they want to get the most out of every lead they generate. Paying for leads and not nurturing them is the easiest way a gym can incinerate money.

So if you want to learn how to get the most out of your pipeline, here’s Lisa and Dai’s system:

Step 1: Get attention

The first step is getting people to express interest in the gym. Lisa and Dai do this using a mix of organic content and paid ads.

For organic content, they consistently post on Facebook and Instagram, highlighting the in-gym experience and providing value to their audience.

💡 If you need help devising an organic strategy, this post breaks down how to do it step by step.
instagram posts to get attention to your gym

They get about 30-40 organic leads a month for both locations, which is better than most gyms.

Then, they pour fuel on the fire with paid ads, running four campaigns simultaneously:

  • Brand ads to keep their gym’s name in people’s minds
example of a Brand ad
  • Testimonial ads to showcase real client success stories and experience
example of a Testimonial ad
  • Pure value ads to provide helpful information for viewers
example of a Pure value ad
  • Challenge ads to increase engagement and encourage people to sign up
example of a Challenge ad
💡 Ads go stale after a while. Lisa and Dai test new images and copy every two weeks to keep things fresh and costs low.

They spend £1,500 a month on ads each month. Their lead costs are ridiculously low (under ₤10 per lead). They could ramp up their spend, but Dai doesn’t want more leads than he can properly nurture.

💡 Having a good organic content strategy often makes paid ads more effective.

Getting leads is the tip of the iceberg; what they do after a prospect expresses interest separates them from most gym owners.

Step 2: Hit the phones

Many gym owners let their leads sit around for hours before they try to contact them. Dai prioritizes calling leads as soon as they come in (he gets notified through Gym Lead Machine). If he can’t reach them, he adds them to a list for ongoing nurture.

Each morning he makes 50-100 calls. This effort lands him about 5 appointments a day.

Here’s the script he uses:

💡 Dai starts with: “Hey [name], how are you? I saw you visited our website. I won’t take much of your time, just wanted to learn a bit about you and your fitness goals."

This opens the conversation, and then he talks about what Gas Station offers—mainly group and semi-private training.

💡 Dai then asks: “Does this sound like it could be a good fit for you?"

Dai doesn’t always get answers to his calls, but he’s persistent. This helps him connect with more leads and move them through the sales pipeline faster. In sales, speed matters…

Step 3: Get them in the gym

Research shows that 35-50% of prospects buy from the vendor who contacts them first:

response time bar chart
Getting leads on the phone before anyone else gives you the best chance of closing the deal.

And remember, when a lead enters your pipeline, your competition isn’t just other gyms; it’s the prospect’s own indecision.

They’re most likely to take action right after they fill out a form. Wait too long, and indecision creeps in, often causing them to do nothing.

So, if you’re certain your service is helpful, your goal should be to help them decide quickly. You can either:

  • Offer something hard to resist, or
  • Suggest a quick chat.

Dai tries to get them into the gym within 48 hours of contact.

💡 He asks them: "Can you pop in within the next 2 days?”

Then, he books them and sends a reminder text the night before around 8:00 pm.

According to Dai, 80% of leads show up. Considering most of them come from paid ads, that’s a pretty solid number.

Step 4: Get a commitment

Once prospects are in the gym, we want them to make a decision.

Read this article if you need help structuring offers and handling sales objections.


If you’re running a lazy lead nurture strategy, you’re leaving money on the table.

For a full breakdown of Lisa and Dai’s process, watch or listen to the show.

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