5 Facebook Ads for Gyms Delivering Amazing Results Right Now

It’s common for many gym owners to try Facebook ads, only to conclude they don’t work. The cycle is familiar: set up the campaign, launch it, see underwhelming results, and eventually turn it off, frustrated and convinced that paid social media advertising isn’t effective.

But the issue often isn’t with Facebook ads themselves; it’s how they’re used. When done properly, these ads can get your gym more leads and more clients.

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That’s why in this article, we’ll be showing you five successful Facebook ads that independently-owned gyms are using right now to deliver real results. Stick around to see how you can apply their strategies to your own advertising efforts to grow your gym.

5 Facebook Ads for Gyms That Work

Let’s dive into five different Facebook ads that are currently making a real difference for gyms.

1. Curated Ads for Specific Gym Audiences

Ads for gyms that are well-thought-out and aimed at specific groups, like busy moms, men in their 40s, or those that are new to fitness, tend to be much more effective. When these ads are tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of their target audience, both the visuals and the messaging become more relevant and impactful.

And the result? When people see ads featuring individuals that look like them and they can relate to, their engagement naturally increases. This makes them much more likely to take certain actions such as signing up, booking a call, seeking more information.

Let’s look at an example from Strength Warehouse, which effectively brings all these points together:

Strength Warehouse example of a curated add for Specific Gym Audiences
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2. Social Proof in Gym Ads

Local gyms can reap many benefits from ads that feature client reviews because they tap into the power of social proof. By highlighting the positive experiences of your current gym members, you not only showcase their real-life success stories of people who used your services but also build trust and credibility for your fitness business.

This kind of social proof makes a massive difference, increasing conversions by as much as 270% (according to this study). It’s no surprise that these types of ads tend to see better performance and higher engagement.

Take a look at how CrossFit Ireland leverages client reviews in their Facebook ad:

CrossFit Ireland client reviews in their Facebook
💡 Notice how the call-to-action button in the ad above is ‘Send Message’? By using a chat feature, interested people can get in touch with your gym directly through the ad. This opens up a direct line of communication and gives you the opportunity to build relationships. The more conversations you have, the more chances you create for conversions.

3. Showcasing Gym Awards in Facebook Ads

Featuring your gym’s awards in ads can enhance its appeal. This approach not only showcases what makes your gym unique compared to others but also demonstrates community recognition and support for your fitness business. It adds a layer of prestige to your brand, signaling quality and excellence.

Take Gas Station Fitness, voted ‘Best Fitness Gym in South England,’ as an example. They incorporated this achievement with a banner in their add, catching the eye of anyone scrolling through Facebook.

Gas Station Fitness, voted ‘Best Fitness Gym in South England
💡 Seeing the award, a person might think, ‘If it’s the best gym in South England, there’s a reason why it must be really good.’ This can increase their interest and make them more likely to click the call-to-action button. After all, who wouldn’t want to work out at the best gym in their area?

4. Brand-Centric Facebook Ads

Strong branding is key to making your gym’s Facebook ads pop. A distinctive brand identity makes a lasting impact on your audience, which can be seen in elements like your logo, images, color schemes, voice, and even unique offers at your gym.

For example, PSYKO FIT CLUB has a ‘Sip & Stretch’ session, combining stretching with wine for a unique unwind experience. This innovative offer not only appeals to the right audience but also differentiates it from typical gym promotions. In addition, their consistent visual branding leaves a lasting impression on those who see the ad, making it both eye-catching and memorable.

PSYKO FIT CLUB ‘Sip & Stretch’ session
💡 Looking to create a stronger brand identity for your gym? We’ll tell you 5 Ways to Give Your Gym’s Brand Identity a Winning Edge.

5. Video Testimonials in Gym Advertising

Video testimonials are a powerful pool in gym advertising. They capture the stories of your current members in a way that’s not only persuasive but can also lighten the workload for your sales team as prospects move through your lead funnel.

These videos resonate deeply with potential clients. When viewers connect with the experiences shared, they’re often more inclined to engage further. This approach, as we see with CFT Fitness below, does more than highlight real results and satisfied members. It adds a personal touch, offering a level of storytelling that text and images alone can’t always achieve.

Video Testimonials in Gym Advertising
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Optimize Your Gym’s Facebook Ads for Better Results

High-performing Facebook ads for your gym don’t need to be super fancy. In fact, the most effective ones often have a homemade, authentic look. As we’ve seen in this article, ads that achieve amazing results for gyms usually:

  • Target specific audiences with carefully curated content,
  • Use client reviews to leverage social proof,
  • Highlight gym’s awards to emphasize credibility,
  • Build a strong brand identity, and
  • Include compelling video testimonials.

The main goal of these ads is to capture the attention of the right people and open the door to starting conversations. Once you engage them, it’s through these interactions that you can attract more clients and grow your gym.

But remember, it’s normal for people who show interest in these ads to take time before deciding to join your gym. They need nurturing and consistent follow-up. This is where a system like Kilo proves invaluable, automating the follow-up process and keeping you connected with prospects.

To learn more about how Kilo can streamline this process for you, book a free call with us today.

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