How to Beat 90 Percent of Local Gym Competitors With Content

You can use content to set yourself apart from your competitors and make your gym the clear choice in the local market.

With a steady flow of content, you can acquire more leads, book more free consultations, close more sales and even retain more members.

The issue: Almost no gym owner produces content consistently.

Who’s Cranking Out Content?

Your blog is a powerful marketing tool—but many gym owners don’t treat it like that.

I performed a search for gyms in a major North American market. Here’s what I found for content in the top Google results pages:

Gym 1

This business didn’t have a blog. It managed to find its way into the upper reaches of the SERPs but had almost no content that might attract a prospective client poking around on Google.

Gym 2

This gym had a blog, but it had only 13 posts in the last 19 months. It had not been updated in five months. Output was sporadic and unfocused. The overall vibe: Abandoned.

Gym 3

No blog—at least no blog I could find before an obnoxious and completely uncloseable pop-up appeared and demanded I sign up for a free trial. I had to close my browser tab to escape.

Gym 4

Severe loading issues on the home page. No blog, just a quarterly newsletter formatted so badly as to be unreadable. The newsletter itself didn’t contain anything that would interest a prospective client or trigger a click if it somehow showed up on a SERP.

Gym 5

I found blogs in a “news” section that had five posts in six years.

Gyms 6 and 7

No blogs. Just membership info.

Gym 8

A franchise gym with a prominent blog packed with informative, well-written posts that answered common questions regularly asked by members and prospective members. The blog had been updated in the last two weeks. Each blog post ended with this:

Kilo Content Marketing Image 1

Gyms 9 and 10

No content. None.

A Content Vacuum in Your Town?

So nine of 10 gyms in a random sample from a major market had no blog or a completely abandoned blog.

Only one had a ton of great content posted regularly. I’d guess that my click on the local gym’s “blog” took me to the franchisor’s blog page, which is likely shared with a host of other franchises.

But who cares? Prospective clients don’t know that. All they see is helpful content with a prominent call to action.

What does my quick survey confirm?

Few gym owners prioritize content creation.

So what’s the opposite approach?

I clicked onto a site for a microgym run by a Kilo client (his was the first name that popped into my head). This gym owner, who also works with our friends at Two-Brain Business, had posted eight solid pieces of content in the last two months, and the blog archives were packed with content. Everything was clearly being produced on a schedule, and someone was making sure it was tailored to the gym’s ideal client.

Here’s one engaging headline guaranteed to get clicks:

Kilo Content Marketing Image 2

Here’s another:

Kilo Content Marketing Image 3

What would happen if you started producing content like this on a regular basis?

If we review my small survey above, you’d find yourself among the 10 percent of gyms who regularly produce content. So you’d show up in more searches, and you’d probably get more backlinks, too. All of that is great for your site’s ranking.

Best of all: You’d stand out in your local market—which is where the money is made for gyms that don’t specialize in online coaching.

If someone in your market asks a fitness question and comes across your content, you’re going to get a click.

If you have a great website—perhaps a Kilo site?—that’s set up to push people to join your mailing list or download a free resource in exchange for contact info, you’re going to get a warm lead you can nurture.

Or, in a best-case scenario, you’ll get a free consultation right from the blog post.

Here’s what’s next to that content king’s blog:

Kilo Content Marketing Image 4

The takeaway: You’re going to get more leads and clients just by producing content.

Want to go even further?

Check out this Kilo resource and make sure your site is optimized for prospective clients in your town: The Guide to Local SEO for Gym Owners

Create Content Today!

Modern websites—especially Kilo sites—are designed to help you acquire clients.

But people must get onto your site for that plan to work. So you need content.

How do you get it? Here are a few options:

You can do nothing and sit among the 90 percent of gyms that don’t produce anything on their websites.

Or, with just a little effort, you can set yourself apart from the gyms in your market by providing content that answers questions and solves common health and fitness problems.

If you do that, you’ll give prospective clients every reason in the world to book a free consultation and join your gym.

To find out how Kilo can help you and your business book a call here.

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