Our Newest, Most Flexible Website Template is Finally Here

It’s been almost two years since the inception of Gym Lead Machine and our very first website template. After managing over 700 websites for gym owners, the number one piece of constructive feedback we get is that users would like to make minor updates on their own.

pistol screens

Gym Lead Machine is a full-service website and automation company that takes all (and we mean ALL) of the heavy lifting off gym owners. We update copy, images, write blog posts and newsletters, and so much more for our clients. We do this to make sure every website is scoring the highest it possibly can for speed and performance. But we’ve come to discover that some of our users want more. They want more flexibility and control with their websites. Gym owners want to update photos or copy without contacting the Gym Lead Machine support team. 

pistol laptop

Well, our website team put their heads together and came up with a solution. We’ve recently released our newest, most flexible template – Pistol! Pistol is a crisp and bright template driven by clear calls to action, beautiful photos, and your brand color. The Pistol template was built so that users can make copy, photo, and color updates independently. The unique build of Pistol allows these changes to be completed without compromising website health and performance.

pistol mobile 2

If you’ve been considering using GLM for a while but were concerned about the control you’ll have over your site, fear no more, Pistol is here, and it is what you’ve been waiting for all these years.

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