Gym Owners Beginner’s Guide to Effective Lead Capture

Every gym owner knows the importance of attracting new leads. Once people find your website, the question is: what happens next? It’s not enough for them to just browse; the goal is to encourage these visitors to take action.

This is where effective lead capture becomes essential. It’s the final step in your lead generation process, turning website visitors into leads. When done right, lead capture not only increases conversions but also ensures you attract higher quality leads to your business.

In this article, we’re going to break down the basics of lead capture for gym owners. You’ll learn what it is, see examples of lead capture in action, and get additional tips for getting great leads. By the end, you’ll have the insights needed to further propel your gym’s growth.

Let’s dive in!

What is Lead Capture?

Lead capture is a way to collect important details from website visitors, such as their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Gym owners can use this information to reach out and nurture these connections into paying members over time. Usually, this data is collected through a lead capture page or form on your website.

Lead capture to increase your gym's memberships

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To encourage visitors to share their contact details, they’re often offered something valuable in return. It could be a discount on gym services, a quick discovery call, an informative e-book, or a chance to try a free class. This exchange not only benefits the visitor but also helps gym owners build a valuable database of prospects.

💡 Pro Tip: While websites are a common place for lead capture, expanding this strategy to other platforms can be highly effective:

- Leverage social media platforms like Instagram. Adding links to your lead capture form or page in your bio makes it easily accessible for your audience.

- Utilize ‘sell by chat’ on messaging platforms. This approach provides real-time interaction with potential clients. You can personally guide them through the sign-up process, adding a more engaging and personal touch to lead capture.

5 Lead Capture Examples from Small Coaching Gyms

Now that we’ve covered the basics of lead capture, let’s explore five examples of Kilo clients successfully implementing lead capture pages and forms.

1. 3Q Fitness’s Lead Form

At the bottom of 3Q Fitness’s website, you’ll find a section offering a free guide on the top 6 health apps for managing sleep, stress, nutrition, and travel. The lead form here is simple with just one field for an email address, making it quick and easy for visitors to complete.

3Q Fitness’s Lead Form

2. EMPOWERHOUSE Gym’s Bring a Friend Registration

This example from EMPOWERHOUSE Gym uses a ‘Bring a Friend’ event for lead capture, linked right in their Instagram bio. Clicking on the link takes visitors to a dedicated landing page for the event where they can sign up for a free workout session.

Bring a Friend Registration

3. Woodslawn Fitness’s Free Intro Sign-Up

Woodslawn Fitness’s website offers a free intro for those in Portland seeking private, semi-private and nutrition coaching. Their lead form is designed to encourage visitors to take those initial steps towards their fitness goals. It provides that extra push for prospects to submit their contact details.

Free Intro Sign-Up

4. Mark Fisher Fitness’s Lead Capture Page

Mark Fisher Fitness’s Instagram features a lead capture page where visitors can claim a free class. Along with contact information, the form asks visitors to share one current fitness goal. This extra question helps the staff understand visitor needs and encourages visitors to think about their fitness objectives as they fill out the form.

Lead Capture Page

5. RC Training & Fitness’s Grocery Guide Form

This example from RC Training & Fitness makes it clear to website visitors what they’ll get in exchange for their email: a free guide to navigating the grocery store. This direct approach effectively lets visitors know the value they can expect.

Grocery Guide Form

Building a Successful Lead Capture System

Now that we’ve seen practical examples of lead capture in action, it’s time to dive deeper into how to build a successful system for your gym. Here, we’ll focus on several key considerations to ensure your lead capture process not only attracts visitors but effectively converts them into leads.

Create Irresistible Offers

An effective lead capture starts with an offer that instantly captures a visitor’s attention. This offer is one of the first things they’ll see on your site, so it’s important that it’s both valuable and tempting, yet requires little investment from them in return.

Create Irresistible Offers for lead captures

Popular options we see in the industry include free trial sessions, complimentary workout sessions, informative guides, or e-books. These irresistible, low-risk offers are key to getting visitors interested and willing to share their information to take those first steps towards joining your gym.

Simplify Your Forms

Keep your lead capture forms short and skimmable. Remember, your website visitors are looking for quick and easy information, not lengthy reads. They want to understand what you’re offering and the benefits it brings to them. And besides, shorter forms tend to have higher conversion rates.

Simplify Your Forms to improve your gyms lead capture
💡 Pro Tip: Your lead capture form should reflect your gym's branding in a clear and visually appealing manner. The design should be engaging, yet uncluttered and straightforward, making it easy for visitors to understand and complete the form.

Include Strong Calls to Action

A clear and compelling call to action (CTA) is essential for every lead capture form. This should be a clickable button that’s simple and direct, guiding visitors precisely on what to do next. Strong CTAs typically use action-oriented phrases, paired with a sense of urgency, like ‘Get Started Today,’ ‘Join Now’ or ‘Limited Spots Available’.

To make a real impact, your CTA button should be eye-catching and convey a sense of value. Visitors should immediately locate it on the form and feel that engaging is worth their time. This sense of value can either be evident on the button or in the copy surrounding it.

💡 For practical tips on creating powerful CTAs that can bring in more leads, take a look at our article ‘Is This One Button Costing Your Gym Potential Clients?’.

Streamline Form Fields

You want to avoid overwhelming your visitors with unnecessary fields that don’t serve their interests. So, tailor your form to include only the information that’s relevant to the context of the lead capture. For instance, an email address might be all you need for a guide download, while a free class booking might require a name, email, and phone number.

It’s also okay to ask a few follow-up questions if they add value to your understanding of the lead, but remember to keep them minimal. Too many fields can turn people away.

💡 Forms that are easy to fill out and submit improve user experience, increasing your chances of higher conversion rates.

Optimize Placement on All Platforms

Strategic placement of lead capture forms is crucial for maximizing visibility and clicks. On your website, the best locations are those that feel like a natural next step for visitors. Consider areas like your homepage, top menu bar, near customer testimonials, or embedded within blog posts—places where visitors naturally scroll and engage.

Incorporating different offers is also beneficial. For instance, gyms that use a Kilo website feature a primary offer on the homepage, such as a free consultation, and a secondary offer like a nutrition guide at the bottom of the site. This approach helps cater to different visitor interests and captures a wider range of leads.

💡 Remember to extend this strategy to platforms like Instagram. Including your lead capture in a Linktree or a similar tool in your Instagram bio ensures visitors have an easy way to access your offers.

It’s Time to Start Catching Those Leads!

In this guide, we’ve covered the basics of how gym owners can capture more leads. We discussed making offers that grab attention, simplifying forms, creating strong calls to action, keeping only necessary form fields, and placing these elements strategically on your website and social media.

These steps are key to turning website visitors into leads, and eventually, gym members. Now it’s your turn to apply these tips to your gym’s lead capture strategy and watch your membership numbers grow.

If you’re looking to get more leads and need help with lead capture, consider using Gym Lead Machine. Our marketing automation platform at Kilo is designed to help gym owners like you attract more members and simplify your processes. Don’t hesitate to book a free call with our team to see how we can help make your gym management easier and more efficient.

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