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We break it down step by step

What’s up Gym World?

Sell by chat is an underutilized way to get more members.

I just returned from a weekend seminar with Mark Fisher, where he broke down his gym’s sell-by-chat playbook.

Mark Fisher gym’s sell-by-chat playbook.

I’ve smashed those insights with my own to give you the ultimate guide to selling on Instagram:

Step 1: Bring prospects to you

Sell by chat is wayyyy easier when you make content that brings prospects to you.

The problem is that consistently making good content is hard. I recommend stealing a proven Instagram strategy.

The best gym owners create content that inspireseducates, or entertains. The more you post, the better you’ll get at it. The trick is getting started and not overthinking things.

Cassie Day’s gym instagram feed
Cassie Day’s feed looks professional, targets her ideal clientele, and highlights a non-intimidating & fun environment.

After a while, you’ll have a trickle of new likes, followers, and comments; the problem is, you can’t feed your family with likes.

Here’s how to turn those likes into dollars.

Step 2: Talk to them

This is a numbers game. While it sounds obvious, the more conversations you have, the more clients you’ll get.

I recommend treating every non-member who follows, likes, or comments on your posts as a lead. And if you’ve been with Gym World for a while, you know what to do right after.

Contact them as fast as humanly possible.

💡 The goal is to get a response. To do this effectively, your initial message should:

1. Acknowledge what the person said or did
2. Add value wherever possible
3. Ask a question to keep the conversation going

Here’s how Two-Brain mentor Tres Kennedy does it:

Tres Kennedy Two-Brain mentor contact message

You can also repeat the process with likes and comments:

gym adds to help grow your gym
And yes, this works for ads too.
💡 It’s okay if you don’t hear back right away. Try reaching out again a few more times during that first week.

Your goal during this stage is to get a response, and once you do, it’s time to push ‘em down the funnel.

Step 3: Qualify them

It’s important to figure out if the person you’re chatting with is a good fit for your gym and if they’ll buy from you.

This is where you can ask qualifying questions like:

  • “How did you hear about us?”
  • “Do you know anyone who already attends our gym?”
  • “Do you live in [neighbourhood]?”
  • What have you been doing for your fitness lately?”
  • “Do you have a specific fitness goal youʼre working towards or just looking for general health?”

These will help you understand the prospect’s pain points and whether you can offer a solution:

is curiosity to help grow your gym
Curiosity in your questions builds trust and gives you control over the direction of the conversation.

To keep things moving, reflect on their responses and validate their experiences:

💡 Possible Response: “I see, so youʼre currently at [X] and you want to achieve [Y].”

Then, show how you can help:

💡 Possible Response: “Our clients have really benefited from [X] for that goal. It is one of our most popular services, and it works because [Y].

Step 4: Sell them

Most gym owners lose prospects to indecision. Your role is to guide them towards a decision and take action. To do this, always provide something valuable like:

  • An irresistible offer they’ll find hard to turn down – MFF offers 50% off the first membership payment with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Others prefer LBOs like free trials.
💡 If they seem hesitant, read this article for tips on handling any objection.
  • Suggest a chat – Use this as an opportunity to get more personal with the prospect and map out a plan.
💡 Try Saying: “How about a quick chat to brainstorm on [specific problem] and figure out how to [achieve goal]. Sound good?”

Then, try to schedule the chat as soon as humanly possible.

💡 You could say: “I have a couple minutes before next session, what’s your number?”

And if they’re not up for a call yet, share free resources as a bonus and encourage them to follow your content. They might be ready to reconnect later.

Final word

Sell by chat is boring and repetitive, but it works.

It’s a top strategy for many of the most profitable gym owners I’ve talked to.

With consistent practice and dedication, you should be able to make 1 sale from every 50-75 conversations.

If you want to hear our full interview with Mark, watch or listen the latest Gym World:

happy selling,


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