Discover 10 Proven Techniques for Unlimited Lead Generation & Revenue Growth in Your Fitness Business

For many gym owners, boosting membership remains a top priority, especially in a crowded and competitive fitness market. That’s why turning prospects into leads is key—more leads result in more clients, which increases gym revenue.

Take a moment and consider: Is it too hard for someone to join my gym?

More often than not, it’s one of the most significant problems we see in the industry.

So if you’re not sure about your answer, or if you’re simply looking for fresh ideas to attract more interest in your gym, you’re in the right spot.

I Want More Leads. What Can I Do?

Make it super easy to capture information about your leads. These are the three most basic—and most important—pieces you’ll want to collect:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

The good news is there are tons of places to find more people. We’ve put together 10 easy and effective lead generation strategies to help you maintain a continuous flow of leads, helping you boost your gym membership numbers, and ultimately, make more sales:

1. Fix Your Gym’s Website

First impressions matter; customers spend an average of 53 seconds on a webpage, so your gym’s site must quickly and clearly convey its value. Ideally however, you have about 10 seconds to let people know what you offer. If they can’t figure it out, you’ll want to check out Our Guide to the Best Gym Website Design for tips on how to improve your current one.

Then you need to show your prospects what you want them to do by having a clear call to action—it’s by far the most important part of your gym’s website. Keep it direct, simple, easy for people to act on, and repeat it regularly throughout your website.

Kilo lead generation image 1

A more efficient option is a Done-For-You solution from Kilo. We’ll build your gym a website that is optimized to get you more leads.

2. Harness Your Instagram

Over 200 million Instagram users click on a business profile each day, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity for your gym to reach and connect with a larger audience.

Here are a few things you can do to optimize your profile and get more leads fast:

  • Set up a LinkTree in your bio and include 3-5 links that motivate your audience to take action
Kilo lead generation image 2
  • Integrate calls to action within your posts, whether they’re on the graphic or somewhere in your caption
Kilo lead generation image 3
  • Incorporate links to a lead capture form in your Instagram Stories
Kilo lead generation image 4
  • Engage with your audience — more conversations lead to more conversions, so you need to take an active approach by DM-ing new followers, those who interact with your posts, old followers, and follow-up with open conversations

3. Don’t Ignore Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform with nearly [3 billion] monthly active users. And guess what? A ton of people from the fitness space hang out here.

There are multiple ways you can generate leads. For example:

  • Facebook Ads — They’re equipped with precise targeting to help you reach a specific audience. Optimize your ad by including a lead magnet to attract potential clients and offer some type of value in exchange for their contact information.
  • Facebook Groups — When you’re setting up a private Facebook Group, implementing membership questions is the most important step. Ask for an email address and integrate it into your Gym Management Software or any system you use for lead nurturing.
  • Facebook Posts — There’s always an opportunity to capture leads from your posts. Be sure to post consistently on your personal page, your gym’s private members-only page, and your gym’s public page.

For more insights on leveraging Facebook for your gym, check out our guide: How Gym Owners Can Use Facebook Groups to Increase Memberships

4. Post Content to Your Blog Consistently

Posting regularly helps your business stand out and attracts more people by keeping them informed and providing free value. This builds trust, making your audience more likely to engage with you.

When publishing your blogs, always include something that encourages people to share their contact information, like offering a free ebook or workout. Here’s what one Kilo customer had right next to their blog:

Kilo lead generation image 5

If you post consistently, you will beat 90% of gyms in your market.

5. Get Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials help win trust and build credibility because it’s real people sharing real experiences. In fact, 98% of individuals check online reviews for local businesses, with half trusting them as much as a family or friend’s recommendation. This makes reviews and customer testimonials absolutely crucial when someone is thinking about joining your gym.

Remember, every review contributes to your gym’s image and you want to make sure your gym stands out online. Prospective clients will read what current members think, influencing their decision. So, respond to all reviews—both good and bad—to show you run a good business.

6. Encourage Referrals

Your current gym members are powerful brand ambassadors. Studies show that 92% of individuals trust recommendations from friends and family.

A referral program at your gym can leverage this trust. This incentivizes current members but also attracts new people to your business. You can offer things like discounts or gift certificates to members who refer a set number of new clients. It’s a win-win strategy that motivates your loyal members while expanding your client base.

7. Improve Local SEO

Google My Business (GMB) is the most common way for prospects to discover local businesses, and chances are they’ll see your gym’s GMB before visiting it’s website. So, you want to make sure your gym is visible online, ranks well, and is optimized to attract more people.

The Guide to Local SEO for Gym Owners is a great resource to help you get started.

Kilo lead generation image 6

If you’re not sure whether your GMB is optimized, read this: How to Rank Your Gym Higher on Google Maps in 4 Easy Steps.

Kilo also has a Done-For-You Marketing Service that will update your GMB profile on autopilot if you want to save time.

8. Email Marketing

Emails are an excellent tool for connecting with your current members and even reaching a broader audience—thanks to the power of forwarding engaging content.

If your fitness business sends out newsletters, always add your gym’s contact details and links to its social media. This encourages recipients to click and interact with your content, especially when there’s a clear call to action guiding them on what to do next.

A good practice is to feature a customer review, paired with a link to a related product or service. This way, readers can easily find what they need and exchange their information. Here’s what we include in the Kilo newsletter each week:

Kilo lead generation image 7

9. Engage in Community & Networking Events

Getting involved in community & networking events and having face-to-face conversations with others are great ways to promote your gym. Here are some suggestions:

  • Sponsor local events or create partnerships with local vendors to enhance your gym’s visibility and credibility within the community
  • Have initiatives like ‘bring-a-friend day’ and allow members to introduce their friends to your services
  • Consider hosting an open house for curious locals that want to visit and experience your facility firsthand
Kilo lead generation image 8

People value connections. By contributing to your community and positively impacting lives, you will likely see an increase in your lead count.

10. Use Gym Management Software

Once you have your leads, the work isn’t over. You need to keep track of and nurture these leads as they move through your sales funnel.

The good news? Gym Management Software (perhaps Kilo) can simplify this process for you. It helps handle various aspects of your business, making life easier for gym owners.

For example, a tool like Gym Lead Machine automates your marketing, helping you capture more leads and close more sales. Here’s our proof:

Kilo lead generation image 9

If you’re considering introducing new gym management software or updating your existing one, The Kilo Stack has everything you need to run a gym. Book a call here to find out how Kilo can help you and your business.

Get More Leads Today!

Lead generation may appear challenging, yet with the right strategies and tools, it becomes a manageable task.

As we’ve seen, there are plenty of ways to attract and secure more leads, but the key to successful lead generation comes from building and nurturing relationships with these potential customers. Engage with your leads, understand their needs, and guide them effectively through your sales process.

For gym owners, the ultimate objective is to convert your leads into committed gym members, thereby increasing your revenue. Leverage these proven strategies and watch your gym’s membership—and revenue—grow.

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